Astronomy day in Milan’s Piazza Duomo

30 Sept.  Circolo Astrofili guided tours of the sky above Milan.

Members of Milan’s amateur astronomer club Circolo Astrofili will take visitors on a free guided tour of the sky over the city for the 26th edition of their sky-watch day on 30 September.

Lasting from 10.00 until midnight, the event is an opportunity to view the sun through telescopes fitted with special filters, while club members explain the activity visible on the star’s surface.  After sunset, visitors can observe the moon – in its first quarter – and the planet Saturn.

The observation platform will also host a display of photos of the sky taken by club members, and an exhibition of sundials and solar clocks.

The Milan club has promoted public understanding of astronomy since 1932.

If cloudy weather makes for poor viewing, the event will be postponed until the following day.