Barbie Loves Israel

30 Jan-20 Feb. The Kitsch Bar displays an ironical photographic reportage, entitled Barbie Loves Ken, by Enrico Pescantini and Maria Giovanna Callea.

These two Italian photographers immortalized the famous blond doll on vacation in Israel with her fiancée Ken. This long-lasting couple is among the most famous ones in the history of plastic toys. The shots range from Barbie’s tour of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea to her visit to the Temple, including some vicissitudes in a jeep.

The Barbie was invented by Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel, in 1959. The teenage fashion doll was inspired by Handler’s daughter Barbara, while Ken, named after her son, was introduced two years after, in 1961.


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Address Kitsch Bar. Corso Sempione 5, tel. 0233103788.

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Barbie Loves Israel

Kitsch Bar. Corso Sempione 5, tel. 0233103788.