Biodiversity Festival

The seventh annual Biodiversity Festival marking the UN international year of water cooperation runs from 12-22 September in Milan’s Parco Nord with the Italian première of Markus Imhoof’s film A World in Danger on the mysterious and ominous drop in the global bee population.

Dedicated this year to water as a life energy, the festival offers over 100 events celebrating nature and sustainability including round tables and conferences, concerts, picture and photo exhibitions, installations, theatre for adults and kids, environment-themed movies, bike tours around the park and its waterways, games and role-play, and workshops on tastes and flavours, soap production and grape pressing, as well as themed meals and markets.

Almost all events are free, excluding only some of the film and theatre shows and workshops. Events were selected from suggestions submitted by an “ideas competition” open to institutions and private citizens who contributed to the planning.

The first weekend of the festival is dedicated to scientific dissemination, including activities organised by the Genoa Science Festival, while the second weekend will concentrate more on creativity and the arts. Throughout the festival special attention will be paid to kids, providing numerous games and activities planned to boost their awareness of biodiversity and environmental issues. The full programme of events is available on the festival website.

Reach the festival in the Cascina Centro Parco on Via Clerici 150 in Sesto S. Giovannion metro line 5 to Bignami or tram 31 to Parco Nord Torretta. You can also follow events on the Twitter feed @ParcoNordMilano.

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