Bologna. Festival Danza Urbana

4-8 Sept. This festival is dedicated to contemporary dance and performing arts in urban landscapes. Organised by the Associazione Culturale Danza Urbana its programme unfolds in non-theatrical venues and contexts, and offers a new choreographic idiom and a new approach to performing arts.

It is part of an international network called “CDQ – Ciudades Que Danzan” that was created in Barcelona in the 1990s. Conscious of the shortage of connection between dance and the public, the Spanish organisation created its first site specific dance festival with the intention of creating dance in a seductive space: Gaudì’s Park Guell. It has since coordinated an international circuit integrated by independent festivals.

The Bologna festival works with other regional contemporary dance associations with workshops and performances. The programme this year opens with the latest creation of French-Tunisian choreographer Seifeddine Manai inspired by the Arab Spring. There is also a focus on the new Spanish dance scene and the fourth edition of “Intercity” that creates a virtual connection between Emilia Romagna’s four main cities (Bologna, Ravenna, Ferrara and Modena) in a show of solidarity and mutual cooperation for the territories most hit by the earthquake.

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