"LOVE FOR ME?" Is: Art-Design-Fashion-Music and ...

A new selection of furnishings organized by www.loveforme.it
Margarita Kroucharska: a bright trip on the line between art and design

The Maestro Michell Campanale presents the LONDON ARTS FESTIVAL with the exhibition of the works of artists such as: Paolo Melodia, Sonia Wilki, maestra Tatiana Musteata, maestro Michell Campanale,Desiree Vailati, Serena Mura, Sir Skape,Alina Politikaite, Delphine.

Presentation of the book of poems by Christian Lezzi "Unpretentious Thoughts"

Couture fashion show by designer Cesar Napoléao

Melodic reading by Federica Farini "Even love sometimes goes the wrong way"
Live performances by Romina De Luca, DJ Dave-set

Live performance by Jamila
Serena Fagnani flamenco company "Ballet Iberian"
Shiatsu treatments Sandro Cristofori
The original creations of Monica de Mattei
The high-quality accessories that measure the time of Ugo Franchi

Creative performances: Kapra suite by Atelier Alessio Blanco, Oriental style by Mamy

Dress code: Oriental
From 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Capacity: 300 people
Target: from 25 years and over - Dress code CHIC

10 euros with drink
Table reservation possible

Entrance only by registering online at www.elite42.com or by sending the names of the participants to eventi@elite42.com

General Info

Address MIB Milano Restaurant - Via Gaetano Negri 10

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MIB Milano Restaurant - Via Gaetano Negri 10