Centenarian polymath Dorfles exhibits in Milan

13 Jan-5 Feb. Drawings from 2016 on view at Triennale.

Still working hard at the age of 106, Trieste-born polymath Gillo Dorfles will exhibit 18 drawings at Milan’s Triennale, starting Friday 13 January.

Gillo Dorfles

The collection was executed during the second half of last year, and is inspired by his own painting of 2010 – also on show – entitled Vitriol.

The title is drawn from the initials of a Latin phrase which translates as “Visit the entrails of the Earth and, after purification, you will find the hidden stone”.

Dorfles studied medicine, specialising in psychiatry, but later turned his hand to painting and drawing, and finally to philosophy, aesthetics and art criticism. The indefatigable artist has also published over 40 books on art history, contemporary art and architecture.

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Centenarian polymath Dorfles exhibits in Milan

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