Chagall, Van Gogh and Segantini at Palazzo Reale

Major exhibitions planned

A major retrospective of works by Marc Chagall, one of the past century’s leading exponents of avant-garde art, opens at Milan’s Palazzo Reale on Wednesday 17 September and will run until 1 February.

This huge exhibition, covering the artist’s career from his very first painting in 1906 – Le petit salon – up to his final, monumental works in the years before his death in 1985, is the largest ever shown in Italy. It will include works from the collection owned by his heirs, some of them on show for the first time, as well as works on loan from the world’s greatest museums such as New York’s MoMa, Washington’s National Gallery, the Russian National Museum of St Petersburg and the Centre Pompidou, and 50 other private and public collections. Tickets are bookable in advance on the exhibition website, which also has an English version. The museum strongly recommends pre-booking for Thursday night and weekend entry.

From 18 September until 18 January, an exhibition over 120 works by Giovanni Segantini opens at the Palazzo Reale Royal as a prelude to Expo 2015. The show will cover the whole of his development, from the works created in his adoptive home of Milan to his international success, with works from the city’s Civica Galleria d’Arte Moderna and the Segantini Museum in St Moritz. Segantini was born in Trentino, then part of the Austrian empire, but found his spiritual home in Milan; he later worked in Switzerland, where he died in 1899 aged only 41. Prices and opening times are available on the Milanoguida website.

Finally, an important exhibition entitled L’uomo e la terra of work by Vincent Van Gogh will open on 18 September and run through to 18 January, the first time in Milan for over 60 years. A recurrent theme of his works is the peasant life, governed by the seasons, ploughing, sowing and harvesting, symbols of human strength dominating nature’s cycles. The main nucleus of the collection is a loan from the Kroller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands, complemented by works from many other international museums. Many of Van Gogh’s best-known works will be on display for the first time in Milan, including his 1887 self-portrait, his portrait of Joseph Roulin from 1998 and his Still life with a plate of onions from the same year. The exhibit will follow the evolution of his painting from his early works, through his involvement with impressionism and the neo-impressionism of Seurat and Signac, to his final years in Arles. More detail on visiting the exhibition on the Milanoguida website.

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Chagall, Van Gogh and Segantini at Palazzo Reale

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