Che Storie!

11 April-12 May. The exhibition in Palazzo della Ragione displays a journey through the world of industrial design and the creativity of Italian firms. Che Storie! embraces various topics, including food, beverage, motors, fashion and design. On display is a selection of videos, photographs, objects, prototypes, sketches, posters, letters and designs, coming from the collections of the most important Italian companies. The exhibition is divided in four main areas: the first concentrates on the history and memory of Italian firms as well as on the various ways in which museums and archives keep track of changes; the second area, dedicated to myths and passions, highlights how some products, including the Ferrari vehicle and the Vespa scooter, have turned into cultural objects with strong symbolical meanings and are now part of a collective imagination; the third section, entitled discovery and marvel, is dedicated to the world that hides behind daily use objects and their origins; the fourth focuses on identity and innovation and testifies to the important role of business’ museums and archives, which are places of conservation and inspiration for the development of new industrial strategies; the last section focuses on Museimpresa, an Italian association which represents the business’ museums and archives.

Mon 14.30-19.30, Tue-Sun 09.30-19.30, Thurs 09.30-22.30.

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Address Palazzo della Ragione. Piazza dei Mercanti 1, tel. 02 875672.

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Che Storie!

Palazzo della Ragione. Piazza dei Mercanti 1, tel. 02 875672.