Chilli Week @ Tara Indian Restaurant

Important notice for all Indian cuisine lovers!

From October 29 to November 4 Tara Indian restaurant will be hosting the tasty and mouth watering Chilli Week.



- Pakora (mixed vegetables in chickpea batter) Chicken Pakora (chicken in chickpea batter)

- Mirchi Pakora (green chillies in chickpea batter)

Both starters are accompanied by a choice of 3 sauces: mild, hot and very hot

Main courses to choose from:

Chicken curry or chicken tikka masala or lamb curry (roganjosh) or a mixed curry for vegetarians.

Chilli gradations for the less brave and the super brave:  Slightly spicy, Mild hot, Very hot or Atomic Hot.

Your choice will be accompanied with: basmati rice pulao, Naan bread, a bottle of water for 2 and, new to Milan, a glass of Indian Fratelli Wine: Chenin Blanc (white) or  Cabernet (red).

Fire estinguishers not included!

For reservations: 02 3451635 

General Info

Price info 25 euros per person
Address Via Domenico Cirillo 16

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Chilli Week @ Tara Indian Restaurant

Via Domenico Cirillo 16