Visit the Titanic in Milan museum

19 Jan-24 Feb. To the floor of the ocean in virtual reality. Visitors to Milan’s Natural History Museum can now take a submarine ride almost four kilometres down in the North Atlantic Ocean to visit...

Marc Chagall Exhibit: Day Trip to Mantova

5 Sept 18 - 3 Feb 19. The city of Mantova has become a destination since September for the major retrospective dedicated to the work of Marc Chagall.   As the first of a cycle of exhibitions focuse...

Once lost Hayez painting now at Milan’s GAM

Gallery of Modern Art in Milan shows masterpiece by Hayez. 14 Nov-17 Feb. The reappearance of a masterpiece by the most outstanding exponent of Italian Romanticism, Francesco Hayez, provides an excit...

Banksy exhibit in Milan’s Mudec

Milan hosts Banksy's first ever solo exhibition. 21 Nov-14 April. Milan’s Mudec museum of cultures is presenting some 80 works by mysterious British artist Banksy – including paintings, numbered limi...

Paul Klee exhibition at Milan’s Mudec

31 Oct-3 Mar. Milan exhibit includes Klee's first ever shown works. Among the over 100 works by Paul Klee on display at Milan’s Mudec Museum of Cultures is his Artista Nomade – Manifesto (1940), ne...

Major Picasso exhibit opens in Milan’s Royal Palace

18 Oct.-17 Feb. “The heart of Milan’s autumn art season” – Sala. Some 200 displays, including both works by Picasso himself and ancient artworks that inspired the great master, from the Musée Natio...


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