Dieter Roth at the HangarBicocca

For the first time in Italy, over 100 works by Swiss artist Dieter Roth, curated by his son Björn, will be exhibited in HangarBicocca in Sesto S. Giovanni from Wednesday 6 November.

In the former Ansaldo-Breda industrial plant, now dedicated to art exhibitions as a leading example of urban renewal, the show will include two works recreated directly on site by Björn and his assistants: Selbstturm (Self-Tower) and Coquillen-Zwerge (Coquille Gnomes), by melting and forging over four tons of extra dark Novi chocolate.

Entitled Islands, the exhibit will celebrate the life and work of the nomadic artist in his native Switzerland, in Iceland (where he took citizenship) and the United States as graphic designer, poet and expert in music.

The exhibition path will lead the visitor through the heavy machinery, left in place from the hangar’s previous vocation, to “themed islands” in the brilliant, multidisciplinary universe of the artist, whose work radically revolutionised the very way to create and to see art.

Roth explored every technique and type of art, producing total works in which painting, sculpture, publishing, photography and video are combined.

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Address HangarBicocca, Sesto S. Giovanni

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Dieter Roth at the HangarBicocca

HangarBicocca, Sesto S. Giovanni