Dracula at the Triennale

Milan’s Triennale offers enthusiasts a voyage into the world of the vampire with an exhibition of over 100 paintings, engravings, drawings, historic objects, theatrical and film costumes and videos, to mark a century since the death of Irish author Bram Stoker.

The exhibition aims to explain why the figure of the vampire, originating in mediaeval folklore, suddenly burst into public attention in 18th-century Europe, never to disappear again and culminating in today’s Twilight Saga and a sort of “vampire-mania” which continues to fascinate adolescents.

“Dracula and the myth of the vampires” has been curated by Alef, in collaboration with the Milan Triennale and the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna, and will run until 24 March in three main sections.  “The reality behind the myth”, curated by Margot Rauch of the world-famous Vienna museum, includes a series of historical documents including a portrait of Count Vlad, the real-life 16th-century figure popularly associated with Dracula.  The section on “Bram Stoker: Dracula”, in collaboration with the Bram Stoker Estate, illustrates vampires in literature, and includes notebooks and other documents from the Irish author on show for the first time in Italy.  “Dying by light – vampires and the cinema” examines the history of vampires on the silver screen from the first black-and-white movies to the present day, with original posters and videos.  This section will pay particular attention to Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 film, including the costume worn by Gary Oldman in the title role.

The exhibit is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10.30 to 20.30, and on Thursdays (for those with the courage to stay there so late) until 23.00.

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Address Triennale di Milano, Via Alemagna 6

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Dracula at the Triennale

Triennale di Milano, Via Alemagna 6

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