Dreaming Beauties

31 May-27 July 2012. This group exhibition, entitled Dreaming Beauties, displays the works by four artists, Sofia Cacciapaglia, Ludovica Gioscia, Marta Sforni and Veronica Smirnoff. Their works, different in styles and techniques, offer a four-dimensional and dreamlike vision of the concept of beauty.

Sofia Cacciapaglia’s delicate works focus on abstract female forms. They are set in an imaginary world, at the border between dream and reality, and are filled with floral and botanical echoes and anthropomorphic images.

Ludovica Gioscia, inspired by Pop Art, explores the contemporary world with its obsessions and symbols. She uses lipsticks and glossy commercial images to depict the neurotic and compulsive universe of female consumption.

Marta Sforni’s painted images of chandeliers on multiple canvases offer a deep reflection on the notion of beauty as well as on the chaos, which characterizes contemporary life.

Veronica Smirnoff, inspired by Russian icons and the history of Western art, uses traditional egg tempera on wood and plaster to combine formal and conceptual cultures. Her works underline the importance of memory in a constant tension between the compulsion to remember and oblivion.

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Address Galleria Riccardo Crespi. Via Mellerio 1, Milan, tel. 0289072491.

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Dreaming Beauties

Galleria Riccardo Crespi. Via Mellerio 1, Milan, tel. 0289072491.