Drones meet Pokémon GO in Milan

26-28 August: Fun and games at EXPerience drone park.

Friday 26 August will see the former Expo Milano 2015 area host a demonstration of drones, the radio-controlled miniature aircraft, where everyone will have a chance to learn how to fly them.

The event will include a search for Pokémon GO figures in the virtual-reality game which has swept the world.

Adults and kids will be able to learn how to control a drone and search for a Pokémon as members of the enthusiasts’ association Drone World Italia – all of them officially certified drone pilots – will be on hand to explain the procedure and guide them in their first steps.

From 15.00 to 23.00, visitors can compete to capture the highest number of Pokémon figures and win prizes, with a Parrot drone to keep as first prize.

Two future events are planned in the EXPerience Drone Park: from 9 to 11 September the theme will be drone racing, and from 23 to 25 September the summer series will close with a drone fireworks weekend.