Egypt comes to Milan’s MUDEC

13 Sept-7 Jan. With life-size reconstruction of pharaoh’s tomb.

Milan’s Museum of Cultures (MUDEC) continues its series of exploration of the city’s connections to other cultures with the opening of the Egypt Room, on show until 7 January.

High point of the exhibition, entitled “Egypt: The Extraordinary Find of the Pharaoh Amenhotep II”, is a reconstruction of a virtual stroll through ancient Egypt, leading to the full-scale reconstruction of the pharaoh’s tomb, discovered in 1898 by French Egyptologist Victor Loret.

The exhibit includes important documents about the discovery, held in Milan University and on show for the first time ever to the general public. Visitors can enter the tomb and examine the mortuary chamber, with its exhibition of artefacts connected with the practice of mummification and funerary rituals.

In the surrounding space, MUDEC celebrates Milan’s long connection with Egypt, where a thriving Italian community of some 60,000 once lived. Now there is an active and integrated Egyptian community in Milan, growing steadily since it took root in the 1970s to become the city’s second largest migrant group.

The exhibit, in Via Tortona 56, is open Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00.  The full entrance price is €5, or €3 for students.