Eight most fashionable restaurants to enjoy during fashion week Milan

By Rebecca Simonov

In collaboration with the American University of Rome

Fashion Week is returning to Milan, and from 21 February until 27 February, the city will be filled to the brim with designers new and old, runway models and fashionistas wanting to be right in the middle of the newest innovations in the fashion world. Milan is certainly a capital for high fashion but even those dressed to the nines have to eat. From artful gastronomy and Insta-worthy cafes, to chic restaurants famous for celebrity patrons, there is no shortage of stunning food in Milan. Here is a list of nine of the most fashionable restaurants in Milan that should definitely be on your list for Fashion Week or any visit to Milan.

1. Contraste Milano

Contraste Milano, the newest restaurant of Michelin star chef Matias Perdomo, offers an extremely creative tasting menu for those looking for a true gastronomic experience. The chefs here are both fantastic cooks as well as artists. The presentation of the menu at Contraste Milano is nothing short of a masterpiece, with such dishes as “the mackerel between Tokyo and Palermo” and “peas from our garden”, the food is made with a story in mind, creating a dining experience that transcends the taste buds.

Via Giuseppe Meda 2, tel. 0249536597, website.

2. Da Giacomo

Designed to elicit the spirit of an older Milan, Ristorante Da Giacomo is a Milanese staple. The restaurant is a part of the larger Giacomo family, which includes a bistro, pasticceria, and caffeteria. Come here for refined Mediterranean and Italian seafood fair. This is also a popular destination for the many highly-regarded members of the art and fashion world.

Via Pasquale Sottocorno 6, tel. 0276023313, website

3. Nobu Milan

True to its home in a fashion capital of the world, Nobu Milan combines the elegance of Armani design with a minimalist interior and inventive Japanese food, with a sophisticated menu developed by chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. While not the traditional Italian cuisine one might expect from Milan, Nobu offers a delicious taste of the international in a global city.

Via Gastone Pisoni 1, tel. 0262312645, website

 4. Ceresio 7

Found on the roof of fashion company Dsquared2, the fashionable restaurant and bar Ceresio 7 is a hotspot for the young and hip. Enjoy a hand-mixed cocktail and sophisticated small plates while sitting by one of the two pools and overlooking the Milanese skyline. Ceresio 7 prides itself on re-inventing traditional Italian cuisine to highlight the quality of the ingredients. The bar features homemade herb infusions and bitters for truly inventive drinks.

Via Ceresio 7, tel. 0231039221, website

5. Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone

A popular dining destination among Milan’s models and fashion-industry crowd, Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone is one of the most famous restaurants on this list. The restaurant is situated in a peaceful courtyard of a historic Milanese building, making this a perfect lunch spot to get away from the hustle of the city. Try the risotto alla milanese if you’re looking for a taste of classic Northern Italian cuisine.

Via S. Spirito 10, tel. 0276001123, website


6. Bice


Bice is an historic Milanese staple famous for its old-world elegance. Specialising in traditional dishes of the region, the restaurant takes pride in such classics as ossobuco (braised veal shank), ribollita, and housemade pastas, the most famous being pappardelle al telefono. Bice is a must for those looking for the elegance of a traditional Milanese restaurant that does it right.

Via Borgospesso 12, tel. 0276002572, website

7. Riad


Riad offers a change of scene from most of the restaurants on this list. A minimalist café that is also part flower shop, Riad specialises in fresh, healthy snacks and carefully crafted drinks and coffee. This a perfect escape from the city life. Riad also prides itself on its attention to detail, and that is seen clearly in its stunning black and white design and specially-made crockery. A stop here will definitely light up your Instagram feed.

Viale Piave 17, tel. 0276340504, website

8. Carlo e Camilla

This stunning restaurant is a beautiful combination of industrial and vintage design, creating a dramatic and intriguing dining environment. Carlo e Camilla features a non-traditional dining experience, consisting of two long white tables that together seat 65. The menu here is seasonal, with a special detail given to flavour, and changes every three months. Carlo e Camilla is a combination of aesthetic and gastronomic.

Via Giuseppe Meda  24, tel. 028373963, website