Emergency NGO holds conference in Milan

ONG celebrates 20 years of volunteer work

Humanitarian non-profit, non-governmental organisation Emergency will hold its annual congress for the first time in Milan on Saturday 13 September.

Known throughout the world for its mission to bring high-quality medical and surgical aid to civilian victims of conflict or poverty the charity founded in 1994 in Milan by surgeon Gino Strada will present its work and celebrate its 20th birthday.

Friday and Sunday will see private meetings for volunteers already working for the NGO, but on Saturday the doors will be thrown open to the public on which Emergency depends to a large extent for its funding.

Volunteers will explain and illustrate the organisation’s work in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic and new projects in Iraq to help refugees from the conflict there, under the headline Emergency and War. A session entitled Medicine and Human Rights from Africa to Italy will discuss work in Sierra Leone, Sudan and Italy. This session will pay particular attention to the hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone, where the NGO’s staff are working amid the ebola virus emergency.

The closing session will be Emergency’s birthday party, with performances by singer Elisa, band PFM – Premiata Forneria Marconi, singer-songwriter Cristiano De André, Fiorella Mannoia, Casa del Vento, Nada Malanima and Flavio Oreglio, hosted by cabaret artiste Teresa Mannino.

The ONG was founded to provide surgical aid in war theatres, but over the years it has extended its range of activity to care for victims of poverty in countries where there is no free national health service.

Since 2005 Emergency has also been active in Italy to guarantee respect for the right to medical care as laid down in the constitution. The congress will be held in the Mediolana Forum in Assago at just 3 km from Milan. Full details of the congress are available on a dedicated event website.

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