Exhibition by Alessandro Roma

11 April-24 May 2012. This exhibition, entitled The sun forced me to abandon the garden (Il sole mi costrinse ad abbandonare il giardino), displays a series of large scale canvases, which combine drawings, sculptural elements and collages, by the Italian artist Alessandro Roma. Inspired by Klee and Monet, Roma offers a dreamlike journey through gardens, addressed in a non-documentary, but rather idealistic way. In these apparently undefined places, watchers notice trees, paths and hints of figures.

The garden represents for Roma a magical, enchanted and fertile place with ancient origins. Gardens have undergone a perennial metamorphosis in their construction and significance, but they have always symbolised the ideal place, where to reach a perfect harmony with nature.

Roma was born in Milan in 1977 and has studied arts at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera. He has displayed his works at famous galleries and museums. In 2009 he has been invited to participate to the Prague’s Biennale, while in 2011 he has displayed an exhibition, entitled Humus, at the Mart of Trento.

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Address Brand New Gallery. Via Farini 32, Milan, tel. 02 89053083.

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Exhibition by Alessandro Roma

Brand New Gallery. Via Farini 32, Milan, tel. 02 89053083.