Exhibition by Luciano Gatti

15 Nov-21 Dec. This exhibition, entitled Apparitions of Nature, showcases a series of works on paper, created by Luciano Gatti between 1976 and 2012, which document the various phases of his artistic research.

His imaginary apparitions of nature mix transfigurations of nature and the evocation of real places, including spectral cities, immortal factories and secret gardens suspended between reality and dream. Among Gatti’s favourite topics are trees and insects by the vibrant colours.

Gatti studied sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, where he has taught engraving and artistic anatomy until 2007. Throughout his long career he has ranged from graphic engraving and drawing to painting and sculpture, experimenting with a figurative language opened to abstract, surreal and symbolical influences.

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Address Biblioteca. Accademia di Brera. Via Brera 28, Milan.

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Exhibition by Luciano Gatti

Biblioteca. Accademia di Brera. Via Brera 28, Milan.