Exhibition by Marco Colombaioni

7 Dec -3 Jan . This exhibition, entitled Hannibal’s Canvases, displays a selection of four works by the Milanese artist Marco Colombaioni (1983-2011).

His canvases immortalize a family of elephants against a backdrop of snow-covered Alps, the same family passing underneath a bridge, as well as an elephant, present in the museum’s own African collection, and an old picture of a hunt with the hunter and its victim. Colombaioni was inspired by Hannibal’s crossing of the Pyrenees and the Alps in 218 BC to invade Italy. The invasion tells of Italy’s impact with Africa and the common fear of something different and unusual.

Colombaioni was born in Milan in 1983 and attended Brera’s Academy. He travelled various times to Africa and especially to Kenya, where he started many ambitious projects, including Darajart (which means a bridge in Swahili), a residential project for international artists and curators inside Nairobi’s shantytown. In 2011 he worked for Chadal, a project of international cooperation between the musical culture of Sardinia and Senegal, and founded a musical band, which went on musical tour in Dakar, Sardinia and Milan. Colombaioni died at the age of 28, while trying to rescue some young Kenyan artists from drowning at Marina di Ravenna. Colombaioni was assisting them while they were at the Ravenna Festival. This exhibition is accompanied by several workshops.

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Address Natural History Museum. Corso Venezia 55, Milan. Tue-Sun 09.00-17.30.

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Exhibition by Marco Colombaioni

Natural History Museum. Corso Venezia 55, Milan. Tue-Sun 09.00-17.30.