Exhibition by Markus Schinwald

5 June-21 July 2012. This exhibition displays the works by the Austrian artist Markus Schinwald who is strongly interested in the psychological analysis of the body, its discomfort and interaction with space as well as of the irrational depth of our individual and collective existence.

On display is an installation, which plays with the representation and manipulation of space, time, lights and shadows. His canvases are part of a series of famous portraits from the 19th century, which Schinwald has modified intervening on the faces, adding masks, mouth and eyes prostheses, without changing the identifying characteristics.

Through various media, such as videos, photographs, paintings, installations, drawings, dolls and other extravagant objects Schinwald stages body manipulations, which express his unusual view of the human being. He uses physical extents, medical prostheses, accessories and strange costumes in order to create these body transformations.

His complex scenarios, which mix myths of history of art with psychoanalytical themes and cultural theories, take viewers on a journey through an independent world with its own rules, which sometimes can become disturbing, haunting and surreal. 5-16 June Tue-Sat 10.00-13.00, 15.00-19.00, 18 June-21 July 10.00-13.00, 15.00-19.00.

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Address Galleria Gio Marconi. Via Alessandro Tadino 15, Milan, tel. 02 29404373.

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Exhibition by Markus Schinwald

Galleria Gio Marconi. Via Alessandro Tadino 15, Milan, tel. 02 29404373.