Fight against waste

Tips and tricks on how to prevent waste and learn how to not throw away anything are the focus of a meeting headlined “Milan Preparing for Expo – the fight against waste” on Tuesday 4 March at 17.00, which will include show cooking by the popular author of culinary books and blogs, Lisa Casali.
Other speakers will include Giacomo Biraghi, official coordinator of  thematic groups at Expo 2014, Marco Lucchini, DG of the Italian Food Bank, and deputy mayoress of Milan Ada Lucia De Cesaris.
The meeting has been organised by the Urban Centre Milan and the food magazine CiBi.  Cascina Battivacco, Cascina Gaggioli, Cascina Gavazzo and
Apicoltura Veca will also be taking part.
Admission is free as long as places are available.  You can download the invitation here.

Youtube Video