Free HIV and AIDS tests in Milan

30 Nov. To mark World AIDS Day.

Milan’s S. Raffaele university hospital is offering free, quick HIV/AIDS tests on 30 November in advance of World AIDS day on 1 December..

The “Easy Test” takes only a moment to perform, and the results are available within a quarter of an hour.

The object of the initiative is to prevent the transmission of the HIV virus and hepatitis C in the city and surroundings. Italy’s Higher Institute of Health reported 3,451 new cases of HIV infection in Italy during 2016, equivalent to 5.7 cases in every 100,000 residents – a rate which shows no sign of slowing.

Even though only a few decades ago contracting AIDS was considered a death sentence, recent developments in pharmacological research have succeeded in blocking the spread of the virus. Prevention remains the principal weapon to prevent the spread of the disease, say S. Raffaele researchers.

The tests will be carried out in the Origine Hall in the basilica building on floor -1 from 08.30 to 17.00. The hospital is located on Via Olgettina Milano 60 in the eastern suburb of Segrate.