God Save Anime by Sergio Cavallerin

30 March-29 April 2012. This exhibition pays homage to contemporary art and displays the latest works by Sergio Cavallerin.
God Save Anime presents a nucleus of works, such as canvases, sculptures as well as an installation dedicated to Dragon Ball, which emphasizes the role of worship, inspired by Italian cartoons, American comics and Japanese manga. Cavallerin offers viewers an entertaining and humorous journey through the icons and point of reference offered by contemporary culture to the youngest generations. The title of the exhibition refers to Japanese anime, which indicates animated films and cartoons in Japan.
For the artist, comic book characters have become nowadays cult leaders and deserve therefore to be raised to provocative, sacred images. In fact, some cartoons' protagonists have become symbols of an era and a society from the past.

Cavallerin was born in Perugia in 1957 and began to work with young prestigious advertising agencies, newspapers and magazines as well as with Italian and foreign graphic illustrators and cartoonists.

Throughout his carreer this multifaceted artist dealt with numerous artistic genres such as graphic arts, painting, drawing, illustration, photography, comics and satirical cartoon.

Cavallerin has always been committed with spreading foreign comics, particularly the American and Japanese ones, around Italy. 

Tue-Sun 15.00-19.00.

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Address Museo Wow Spazio Fumetto. Viale Campania 12, Milan, tel.02 49524744.

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God Save Anime by Sergio Cavallerin

Museo Wow Spazio Fumetto. Viale Campania 12, Milan, tel.02 49524744.