Great Festival of Silent Cinema

13 September-24 October 2012. The third edition of the Great Festival of Silent Cinema pays a special homage to the Austrian-American filmmaker screenwriter and occasional film producer and actor Fritz Lang (1890-1976).

Lang was one of the most famous exponents of the German school of Expressionism. Among his most acclaimed works are Metropolis, considered the world's most expensive silent film at the time of its release, and M, an iconic precursor to the film noir genre. This festival foresees a series of eight live concerts by the association of Lombard Solists at Spazio Oberdan (Via Vittorio Veneto 2), which accompany the projection of recently restored silent films by Lang. The movies, which are authentic and timeless masterpieces of the cinematographic expressionistic movement, were produced by Lang in Germany before his escape to the United States after the rise of Nazism.

The programme includes also a series of encounters with schools at Milan’s Interactive Museum of Cinema (MIC) (Viale Fulvio Testi 121) and at various Milanese school institutes. On 4 and 8 October at 10.00 MIC hosts some open seminars, entitled The Magic of Music for Mute Films, which explain to students in Milan’s secondary schools the musical composition of silent movies, the functions underlying music in silent cinematography and synchronization. Furthermore, the Centre for Contemporary Music of Milan (Via Andrea Ponti 16) houses some workshops for compositors, dedicated to the composition of multimedia works.

The first edition of this festival took place in 2010 and was dedicated to the music and films by Charlie Chaplin, while the second edition paid homage to the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification.

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Address At various venues around Milan.

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Great Festival of Silent Cinema

At various venues around Milan.