Hands on Materials lecture & workshop

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The revolutionary “paper games” played by french cubists and italian futurists light an amorous spark of creativity which seals the union between the hands of the artist and materials of all kinds; a fire which burns across the xxth century and remains unextinguished within today’s contemporary art scene. This is the history of materials in modern art from Picasso to Bruce Munro; from collage to the luminous installations of the Twentyfirst century. Be they rich, poor, recycled, natural or industrial; these mediums are alternatively handled with care and with genius by the artist or poetic bricoleur. Kurt Schwitters * Lucio Fontana * Robert Rauschenberg * Bruno Munari* Julian Schnabel* Mario Merz, * Anselm Kiefer...and many other artist’s hands in their quest to paint, cut, assemble, tie, rip, create, destroy and rebuild the expressive choreography between hands and materials. No previous artistic experience or knowledge of any kind is required. All necessary materials will be provided and included in the cost of each workshop. The workshop is bilingual ; The art history presentation is in English and the art lab is in Italian.

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Address Via R. Pitteri 10, Milano

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Hands on Materials lecture & workshop

Via R. Pitteri 10, Milano