Home Furniture and Lingerie Fair

1-3 Feb. The suggestive frame of Fortezza da Basso hosts the sixth edition of this fair, entitled Immagine Italia & Co., which focuses on the latest trends in lingerie and home furnishings made-in-Italy.

There are 165 exhibitors and 300 internationally well-known Italian brands. Over 250 Italian top buyers and 150 from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, USA, Canada, Israel and China are expected to visit the fair. The Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia has organised this international event to promote Tuscan and Italian production in these sectors. The lower floor of the Spadolini Pavilion hosts stands dedicated to home and yachting furniture, which includes tableware, bedroom and bathroom furnishings. On display are original textiles and precious linen.

The furnishings are elegant, the textiles refined, the graphics original and creative. The first floor of the pavilion displays female lingerie and underwear collections with a range of refined and embroidered pieces, modelled and created with natural fibres and seamless technologies. The leading colours, such as milk-white, green-sand, hazel-brown and red-anthracite, are inspired by nature and reworked with ribbons and laces.

Among the various projects, publicized by Immagine Italia & Co is Rethinking the Product, which encourages companies in different sectors to create innovative products and experiment with new work techniques. Nine young and talented designers, the best graduates of the Italian Academy of Florence, have produced some great prototypes for 60 companies. Their designs use paper, cardboard, wood, metal, stone, marble, plastic, fabric and glass.

Gabrielle Bolzoni

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Address Fortezza da Basso. Viala Filippo Strozzi 1, Florence, tel. 0573 991483

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Home Furniture and Lingerie Fair

Fortezza da Basso. Viala Filippo Strozzi 1, Florence, tel. 0573 991483