Jovanotti at S. Siro stadium

25-27 June. Lorenzo Cherubini, better known by his stage name Jovanotti, will sing three gigs in Milan on Thursday, Friday and – recently added to the original programme after successful ticket sales – Saturday, 25 to 27 June, in Milan’s S. Siro stadium.

One of Italy’s most popular contemporary singers, Jovanotti started his career in the 1980s with a strong rap element in his work. In more recent performances, he has moved away from this style and now writes and sings in the world music sector.

Jovanotti comes from Cortona in Tuscany, where he entered showbiz as a local radio DJ. After a modest start in 1987, his breakthrough came in the following year with the studio album Jovanotti for president. Since then he has recorded several award-winning albums and a number of video clips, as well as performing live tours, both alone and with other artists.

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Jovanotti at S. Siro stadium

S. Siro stadium