Leonardo guides visitors to Milan’s Castello

Discovering the secret underground walkways.

Leonardo da Vinci – or at least an actor representing him – will be the guide to a tour of the secret passages of Milan’s Castello Sforzesco, normally not open to the public.

Not suitable for under-10 year olds or adults suffering from claustrophobia or with reduced mobility, the tour provides a fascinating glimpse into the defensive structure of the castle’s architecture.

For 90 minutes, visitors can follow the Ghirlanda walkway, which circles the building below its original walls, demolished in the 18th century. The course of the walkway includes galleries, tunnels, firing positions and the bases of towers which are now almost completely underground.

The next opportunity to visit the walkway will be on Saturday 27 August at 16.00. Entrance costs €15, reduced to €10 for visitors aged between 10 and 18 and for the over-65s. Booking is obligatory on the AdArtem website.

There is also a simpler version without Leonardo in person, earlier in the afternoon, costing €13.

AdArtem also organises tours of the castle battlements every Sunday afternoon – details on the same website.