Leonardo's Last Supper gets new air conditioning system

New protection for world-famed Leonardo mural.

A new air-conditioning and air purifying system promises to extend the life of Leonardo’s Cenacolo (Last Supper) mural, one of Milan’s most popular cultural sights, by another five centuries.

Danger to the survival of the delicate masterpiece has up to now imposed severe limitations on the number of visitors to the former refectory of the Dominican convent of S. Maria delle Grazie in Milan’s Magenta borough.

The new plant will provide 10,000 cubic metres of clean air to the room every day, a vast improvement on the previous volume of 3,500.

The improvement is expected to allow for an increase of one third in the number of visitors, which currently number around 420,000 every year.

Given the huge interest of tourists in viewing the masterpiece, advance booking will still be necessary. Visitors can book entrance by phone on 02 9280 0360, or on the VivaTicket website. Entrance costs €10, with reductions available for 18-25-year-old EU and SEE citizens and certain other categories, and without charge for under-18s and some other categories.

The nearest tram stop and metro station were recently renamed “Cenacolo Vinciano” to help visitors find the convent.

The new air-conditioning plant was installed by the ministry of culture with the contribution of the Eataly chain of food halls.