Lucio Silla by Mozart

1-15 March. Mozart composed this opera in Milan in 1772 when he was only 16. This story about Lucius Sulla (138-78 BC) dictator of republican Rome is one of love and power. The opera is rarely performed but it comes to La Scala as a result of its success at the Salzburg festival in 2013.

This is a new production in cooperation with the Salzburg festival, conducted by Mark Minkowski (artistic director of the festival), who is conducting at La Scala for the first time, and directed by Marshall Pynkoski, with Rolando Villazon and Kresimir Spicer as Silla and Lenneke Ruiten as Giunia.

Pynkoski who directed the Salzburg production and is the founder of the Canadian Opéra Atelier, has described the work as “flamboyant, self-indulgent, wonderful stuff that only an adolescent genius could have written.”

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Address Teatro alla Scala, Piazza alla Scala

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Lucio Silla by Mozart

Teatro alla Scala, Piazza alla Scala