MakeMusicMilan! all around the city

Everyone can join in.

In scores of locations around the city, musicians of every genre will be playing on Tuesday 21 June in free street concerts from 12.00 to 23.00.

Anybody can sign up for a two-hour slot on the MakeMusicMilan! website and show off their talent, be it classical, rock, pop or folk. Bring your own gear, and leave the slot clear for the next comer. And if you only want to listen and dance, the website offers a map of all the locations set aside for the event.

Popular singer-songwriter Paola Turci will tour the locations in an electric car to join in and sing duets wherever she stops.

There will also be room for dancing: a milonga for tango enthusiasts in Piazza del Duomo, and boogie-woogie and samba at the Darsena.

The musical day will end with a party at the former Ansaldo factory regenerated as social centre La Base in Via Bergognone.

Following the example set in Paris in 1982, this is the third edition in Milan. The festival is to celebrate the city’s first place among one-million-plus cities to reach over 53 per cent of differentiated waste, and the highest number of residents covered by door-to-door waste collection.