Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory

11-23 Dec. In Waterwall, choreography by Ivan Manzoni. The performers in Materiali Resistenti’s spectacular performance dive, swing and soar using ropes and nooses under a deluging waterfall.

At the centre of the stage a huge metal structure pours out a continuous waterfall allowing for an athletic display that defies gravity. Ivan Manzoni’s choreography plays out to a hypnotic soundtrack with Indian undertones.

What is interesting is the relationship of the performers' bodies to the waterfall itself: they can slice through it with their bodies and they can temporarily displace it, but they cannot break it or transform it. The liquid remains as invincible as a concrete wall. As critics have observed: “Humanity can make no imprint or lasting mark upon it”. Whether the idea pushes the boundaries of performance and dance is another matter.

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Address Teatro Nuovo, tel. 02794026

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Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory

Teatro Nuovo, tel. 02794026