Me gusta Soñar - La verdadera historia de Felipe Cardeña

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On Friday, October 25, from 7 p.m. onwards, at the Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi & Matthias Ritter, at Milan, there will be a world première of the short film "Me gusta Soñar - La verdadera historia de Felipe Cardeña", directed by the artist Desiderio and dedicated to the life and work of the mysterious and controversial Hispanic artist Felipe Cardeña. On this occasion, there will be also a double solo show of Desiderio and Felipe Cardeña. Desiderio exhibits his works of the "20 Cuc" series, including portraits of the characters in the short film, while Felipe Cardeña presents the installation "La parole obscure du paysage intérieur". This short film, shot by the artist Desiderio – who is now living between Italy and Cuba – shows us Felipe, as a mime strolling in the streets of Havana, by means of cross witnesses of many people who met or heard about him: street mimes like him, but also bartenders, hawkers, vendors, street people, besides the famous Cuban writer Yoss, author of an essay on the artist. A hybrid film, halfway between journalistic documentary and a dreamlike, symbolic reconstruction of Cardeña work, the film reconstructs the passage of Felipe in the streets of Havana, through witnesses, but also through Felipe performances (as the great floral poster, with the face of Che, still hanging in a street of Old Havana), the suggestions of his works, his dreamlike atmosphere and colors. Finally, Felipe shows and does not show himself in a symbolic dance among the flowers and collages in his studio in the center of Havana. To act as the storyteller of the "Verdadera historia de Felipe Cardeña", was chosen the Cuban street rapper Sicario, who tells the story, the memories and a lot of coming and going of Felipe on the streets of Havana.

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Address via Cadolini 27, Milano

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Me gusta Soñar - La verdadera historia de Felipe Cardeña

via Cadolini 27, Milano

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