Michelangelo’s private drawings on view at Castello Sforzesco

30 Sept-10 Jan. A glimpse into the private life of Michelangelo, D'Apres Michelangelo, contains over 80 artworks which the Florentine master gave to friends he made among the nobility during his work in Florence and at the Vatican.

Most of the works on display are far more than mere sketches, but are full-blown works of art which the great artist gave as private gifts rather than as commissions.

These drawings, paintings, etchings and other objects afford an unusual view of Michelangelo’s private life and friendships – a collection known to art historians as “fogli d’omaggio”. Mostly created between the 1520s and 1540s, while he was working for the Medici on the Sagrestia Nuova in Florence or for Pope Sixtus IV on the Sistine Chapel in Rome, the master made important friendships which he cemented with gifts of elaborate graphic compositions.

Titled D'après Michelangelo, the exhibition documents the fascinating contrast between the original purpose of the artworks, as fragments of an intimate dialogue with friends, and the extraordinary success they won with other artists and collectors of his times. The phenomenon quickly became fashionable, leading to copying and imitation on different levels and in various art forms.

The works have been loaned from collections from across Italy and around the world.

For the duration of the exhibit, the price of entry to the Castello Sforzesco museums is temporarily raised from €5 to €8 (concessions from €3 to €6); the ticket remains valid for all of the museums at the castle.

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Michelangelo’s private drawings on view at Castello Sforzesco

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