Micol Assaël at the HangarBicocca

Micol Assaël’s show with the provocative title of 


consists of four installations which involve visitors physically and mentally, by exposing them to extreme conditions, temperatures, sound effects, odours and electrical tension.

Assaël is particularly interested in scientific theories and instruments of past times, revealing their seductive and perturbing aspects. Her installations bring into play the public’s cognitive and sensorial reactions, by exposing them to extraordinary and threatening environments, places populated with open electrical circuits, powerful wind tunnels, refrigerating cells and magnetic and electrostatic fields.

Born in Rome, Assaël studied philosophy, then travelled to Iceland, Germany, Russia and Greece, where she now lives and works. She has held solo exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, Basle, Kassel and Bolzano in the past decade, as well as in the Venice, Moscow and Berlin biennales.

"I attempt to locate the dark zones of our understanding. To root out the limits, and to see how far they can be forced, to see what happens if they are violated,” she said in a recent interview. “I use dangerous materials because the best way to try to understand the nature of things is to get myself into trouble – and then to find the way out of it. The unit of measure remains as always – man.”

The show is open free, Thurs-Sun 11.00-23.00.

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