Milan Carnival under way

Celebrating until Saturday

Milan’s very own “Carnevale Ambrosiano” is under way, with hundreds of free fun events for adults and kids around the city including music, dancing, parades, face-painting and magic.

While in most of Italy carnival finished on 17 February, churches in the Archdiocese of Milan observe the Ambrosian rite, with carnival lasting four more days than elsewhere. While tradition tells us the difference is due to St Ambrose asking his parishioners to wait for his return from a pilgrimage, a more formal reason is the difference in counting the number of days of Lent, according to whether Sundays are considered a day of fasting or not.

This year for the first time the procession of floats, organised for the past 40 years by the Federation of Milan oratories, will pass through the city centre, led by the city band. The parade will be on 21 February, starting from Palestro at 15.00 and heading for Piazza Beccaria. The floats will this year be inspired by Expo 2015, with food and kitchen implements as the main theme.

Another main attraction of this year’s celebrations will be the Milano Clown Festival, with 130 events in 20 locations around the city, all of them free of charge. Scores of artists from all over the planet will entertain milanesi, including for the first time in the city America’s Anver the Eccentric from Atlanta, Georgia, hailed as one of the greatest clowns in the world.

All the events of this year’s celebrations are listed on the special page of the city hall website.

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