Milan celebrates Darwin Day

Milan will take part in the worldwide celebration of Darwin Day on Wednesday 12 February with a series of events for kids and grown-ups.

On the birthday of the famous naturalist, Milan’s Natural History Museum has organised a day-long programme of lectures, exhibitions and discussions (see programme).

Starting at 09.00, the museum will host a series of talks throughout the morning on how movies, comic strips, cartoons and books have been influenced by Darwin’s work.

Meanwhile, curators and researchers will be on hand in the exhibition space of the museum to explain their work and how difficult it is to publicise scientific research which is in continual development.

The afternoon sessions will be dedicated to how science is communicated, and will involve professionals from the scientific press in moderated discussions.

The programme also includes initiatives for kids in the 3-5 and 6-11 age-groups on Sunday 16 February.

The events can be followed in live streaming on

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Address Museo della Storia Naturale, Corso Venezia 55

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Milan celebrates Darwin Day

Museo della Storia Naturale, Corso Venezia 55

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