Milan celebrates Green Week in its parks and gardens

27-30 Sept. Public and private participation.

Milan’s city hall has invited public and private stakeholders to meet over the coming weekend, from 27 to 30 September, to plan workshops, projects and events – and fiestas, too – for sharing the city’s green areas.

Milan is proud of its parks and gardens, which cover almost 10 per cent of the urban area, and is not resting on its laurels: the city has planted almost 14,500 trees this year already to add to the almost half a million in the wooded areas.

Now the plan is to hold a weekend of meetings, talks, walks and activities to involve residents and sponsors in the management and the enjoyment of the city’s green resources.

A packed four-day programme across every corner of the city will range from guided tours of secret gardens to a botanical treasure hunt, from planting parties to Om chanting, from photo competitions to kids’ games, from workshops on private urban vegetable gardens to vegetarian dinner dates in the open air and the inauguration of several new parks.

There will be activities for all ages, all centred around sustainability and care of the environment. Entry is free to almost all the events, and there will be a wide selection to choose from close to home in every part of Milan.

More detail on the Milano Green Week website.