Milan celebrates Panettone

Panettone cooks compete in Milan.

28-29 Nov. The court of “King Panettone” opens to the public on the weekend of 28-29 November, when master patissiers will compete to offer the most succulent recipes for panettone, Italy's favourite Christmas delicacy.

Forty specialised pastry cooks from around the country will offer samples of their version of the delicacy, originally hailing from 15th-century Milan under Duke Ludovico il Moro. The fresh cakes will also be on sale to take away, at a fixed price for every stand.

Checks on quality and respect for the strict rules governing the recipe will be carried out throughout by Milan university's the department of nutritional science.

A wine bar will also be open on the premises.

Entry is by invitation only, which can be downloaded from the event website.

The Re Panettone fair will be held in the Fabbrica del Vapore social centre.