Milan City Marathon 2012

The Milan City Marathon 2012 will take place on 15 April. For the third year in a row, the course will be the same as in the past! The Milano Marathon will feature a smooth route, with no rough surfaces and almost a flat running course.

It's an ideal route to improve one’s personal best time. The route was inaugurated in 2010 and starts at the new Fiera di Rho/Pero, crossing the most characteristic parts of the city and ends in Piazza Castello. Entirely close to vehicle traffic, it was studied to be the fastest in Italy, exploiting the long straights available in the city and avoiding sharp turns as much as possible.

Registrations for the Milano City Marathon 2012 will be open until April 4th, 2012. As there is a difference in price depending on online sign up, we suggest you book online at:

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