Milan holds women's film fest

Stories of hope and inspiration

In the run-up to the international Day against Violence against Women on 25 November, Milan ONG WeWorld has programmed the fifth three-day film festival under the headline Siamo Pari! La Parola alle Donne.

Milan’s Teatro Litta will host a programme of free events, screenings, debates, round tables and photo exhibitions to illustrate the world of women through different, new perspectives. The battle in defence of women’s rights will be fought through tales of extraordinary women who can set an example for all, from north and south in the world – stories of courage, determination, ability to react, and strengh of spirit. Because, as the organisers put it, even under the most difficult circumstances, if we want to change, we have to believe that it’s possible.

The festival starts on Friday 21 November with the play Carmen Medea Cassandra- The Trial by Luciano Cannito. On Saturday, the screenings and events open to the public (all free of entry charge), while on Sunday the debate continues on the theme “Changing perspectives”.

The festival then closes with the Other Worlds section, this year dedicated to Cambogia.

Info points will be open throughout the three-day meeting. They will also acccept donations toward the WeWorld-Intervita initiative inthe struggle for women’s rights in the south of Italy and the southern hemisphere.

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Address Teatro Litta, Corso Magenta

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Milan holds women's film fest

Teatro Litta, Corso Magenta

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