Milan hosts exhibit on history and evolution of volcanoes

16 March-11 Sept at the Natural History Museum.

This exhibition at Milan’s Museo di Storia Naturale explains how volcanoes are structured and how they work, and illustrates the major eruptions and the work of volcanologists.

This is one of the first “technological” exhibitions, with mapping, holograms, augmented reality, models, real-size dioramas, and videos, as well as collections of rocks, pictures and historical prints.

Italy has some of the world’s most famous still active volcanoes, like Stromboli, Etna and Vesuvius. But this exhibition goes far wider – not just across our Earth, where there are some 500, but even into space with NASA pictures comparing them to others across the solar system.

The MagmaLab workshop will teach visitors about the various kinds of rock to be found in or near volcanoes, with hands-on experience using real samples.

The museum is keen to carry out educational activity and will help teachers organise school visits.

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Milan hosts exhibit on history and evolution of volcanoes

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