Milan hosts Francesco Hayez exhibition

Hayez's The Kiss and other 120 paintings on display.

Milan’s Gallerie d’Italia opens an exhibition of some 120 works by Francesco Hayez, hailed as a protagonist of the Romance and Resorgimento movement along with Verdi and Manzoni.

The exhibit includes both well-known works and some which have never before been on exhibition. Among the surprises are three different versions of his famous The Kiss, showing together for the first time.

The works are arranged in chronological order to demonstrate the painter's development and mastery of different styles: historic, portrait, mythological, sacred, orientalist and nudes.

Born in Venice in 1791, Hayez's mastery earned him the position of teacher at Milan’s prestigious Brera Academy at the age of 31, where he continued to teach until shortly before his death.

On Sunday 8 November admission is free. At 14.30 the gallery will screen a short film on The Kiss, followed by Lucino Visconti’s film Senso, entry free.

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Address Galleria d'Italia, Piazza della Scala 6

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Milan hosts Francesco Hayez exhibition

Galleria d'Italia, Piazza della Scala 6