Milan joins in European Science Night

29-30 Sept. MeetMeTonight science in Milan

The sixth edition of European researchers’ MeetMeTonight festival will see over 100 free appointments in Milan with every aspect of scientific research, from exploration of space to the environment, from new forms of communication to social dynamics, all explained in layman’s terms.

Open to everybody, and with particular attention to the youngest visitors, researchers across Europe are planning to answer questions and show off their work in a series of talks, demonstrations, workshops and personal Q&A sessions on 29 and 30 September in Milan’s Museum of Science and Technology and the Indro Montanelli Gardens.

After the success of last year’s edition, with over 58,000 enthusiastic visitors, this year’s event will offer twice as many opportunities to satisfy your curiosity and see the practical applications of every kind of scientific research, under the guidance of scientists from Milan’s three universities.

Visitors will learn how to “sculpt” a sound, or how to protect their privacy on internet, how to create jewels from paper or how to follow a surgical operation in 3D virtual reality.

Youngsters in particular will enjoy events like learning to be sailors on board a caravel, or how to get inside a soap bubble, creating luminous foods or finding out how kids and robots can learn from each other.

A detailed programme of all the events in Milan is on the MeetMeTonight website.