Milan to celebrate partisans

For the 70th anniversary of the liberation

The Biblioteca S. Ambrogio will be the setting for an exhibition to mark the contribution of partisans to the liberation of the city in the closing days of world war two.

Opening on Friday 10 April at 18.00, the collection of historical photographs and documents and eye-witness accounts will be open free until Friday 24 April. On that date, the Milan-Barona section of the National Association of Partisans, curators of the exhibit, will organise a torch-lit procession to mark the eve of the Liberation Day holiday.

During the opening, a video will be screened on the history of “Mariet”, nom de guerre of Mario Ciurli, now at 89 one of the few remaining former partisans still resident in the Barona borough of the city.

Visitors will also be able to obtain details of other initiatives to mark the anniversary, including a walking tour of the “pathways of the liberation” used by the partisans in the province of Pavia. Taking place on Sunday 19 April, the tour will be led by former partisan guides.

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Address Bibliotca S. Ambrogio, Via S. Paolino 18.

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Milan to celebrate partisans

Bibliotca S. Ambrogio, Via S. Paolino 18.