Milan’s S. Ambrogio basilica offers guided visit

S. Ambrogio offers special basilica tour

The Devil and holy water – nder this curious heading, one of Milan’s most fascinating churches offers a guided visit for 25 persons on Saturday 28 November at 14.30.

The tour covers art, heresy and sanctity in the church on the site of that founded by St Ambrose, the 4th-century bishop and patron saint of Milan. It is considered perhaps the most significant ecclesiastical building in the city for its history and art. Visiting its courtyards and nave, say the organisers, is fundamental for understanding historical episodes bordering on legend.

S. Ambrogio speaks to us of the Devil and the Templars, of heresies and imperial arrogance, but also of holy relics and the most refined mediaeval art.

The €10 fee includes a visit to the stunning mosaics of the S. Vittore chapel and a contribution to the church maintenance.