Milan’s Triennale opens in Expo grounds

Six exhibitions in two pavilions.

Bit by bit, the grounds of Expo Milano 2015 are finding their new vocation under the new title Experience rESTATEaMilano (the Stay in Milan Experience, with a pun on “estate” - summer).

Wednesday 25 May sees Milano’s Triennale open the exhibition “City after the city”, housed in two of Expo’s pavilions, going right to the heart of the debate about the future of urban planning in the 21st century.

“City after the city” is sub-divided into six independent but closely connected exhibitions: Landscape Urbanism, Urban Orchard, Expanded Housing, People in Motion, Street Art and, in the form of a parterre between the two pavilions, a Planetary Garden.

These present a succession of situations that illustrate a longing for a different kind of city.

“City after the city” will be open free to the public every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 30 September from 14.00 to 23.00.

On the opening day, Expo grounds visitors will also be able to enjoy the charity concert created by tenor Andrea Bocelli and Inter’s “Capitano” Javier Zanelli, with a host of major stars from sport and music on the stage.

And they will probably catch a glimpse of the giant screens being erected to carry live coverage of Saturday’s final match of the European Championship being played in the S. Siro stadium across town.