Mito Settembre Musica

The themes for Mito Settembre 2014 are the Great War, Brahms and Janácek. And in line with the festival’s focus on contemporary composers, the two chosen this year are the Italian Fabio Vacchi and Austrian Beat Furrer.

Fabio Vacchi’s Terra Comune was played at the inauguration of Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica in 2002 at the request of Lucio Berio. A prolific composer, who made his opera debut in 1982 at Maggio Musicale festival with Girotondo, Vacchi has written six operas, numerous choral and vocal works, symphonic music, works for soloists and orchestra, chamber music, solo music for guitar, violin, piano, cello and double bass and several film scores.

Beat Furrer is an Austrian composer and conductor who co-founded one of Europe’s leading contemporary music ensembles Klangforum Wein. F

This festival used to be divided between the two cities of Turin and Milan but since it combined it forces it has gone from strength to strength. There are over 150 concerts in 94 different locations all over Milan and Turin (churches, squares, museums, castles, courtyards, prisons and industrial establishments), involving over 2,000 musicians playing every kind of music from classical to electronic.

And as usual prices for all concerts never go above €35 and many are free. For programme, locations and prices see the festival website.

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