Mito SettembreMusica

2-22 Sept. 80 classical music concerts in a common programme shared between Milan and Turin.

This year for the first time Mito SettembreMusica has chosen a unifying theme of Fathers and Sons. The subject covers not only the influence of the older on the younger generation but also the more specific topic of fathers and sons in musical dynasties, such as the Bach, Mozart and Wagner families. The great loners, Schubert, Brahms and Ravel are also remembered.

Some of the world's top orchestras, choirs, conductors and soloists perform in the two cities, in the established centres of music such as La Scala and Il Teatro Regio, as well as other more unusual locations such as churches, schools, parks and squares.

There are 14 premieres, a free concert every night and a special section for the young. One of the ore intriguing topics is “P.D.Q Bach? Did the last “unknown” son of J.S Bach really exist?” You may find out more on 9 Sept at Teatro dal Verme in Milan as well as hear music by father J.S. Bach.

On 9 Sept its the turn of the Casa Gabrielle, uncle and nephew, who lived in Venice between the 16th and 17th centuries.

On 9 Sept with a lineup of 17 choirs perform with an open session for all in Milan's Piazza del Duomo in the evening. On 11 Sept the Mozart family are in the limelight.

12 Sept is dedicated to La Peste a Milano in 1576 with music by Charpentier. There are also programmes dedicate to certain instruments, such as the oboe, the flute, percussion, the violin and the string quartet.

On 15 Sept and 17 Sept the Wagner family makes its entrance. On 16 Sept there's a concert of music by composers who influenced Vivladi and on 18 Sept of those who were influenced by Beethoven. All concerts in Milan are also performed in Turin. See full programme on the Mito SettembreMusica website,

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